Winning the "Hidden Champion" award four times in a row confirms The Advisory House’s status as an outstanding consulting company.

The goal of the "Hidden Champions" study is to introduce lesser-known consulting firms that are able to compete with the "champions" in the market – McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain - according to the study's definition and have more to offer than the industry giants in the opinion of top managers.

In the context of a broad empirical investigation (in the current study: 765 executives from 437 companies with a turnover > EUR 1 billion), which is carried out since 2003 every three years by the Scientific Society for Management and Consulting GmbH (WGMB) under the direction of Prof. Dietmar Fink (Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences) together with the magazine Capital, clients of the nominated consulting companies are interviewed regarding the competences in their area of expertise. Only those consultancies whose unsupported awareness in the overall market does not exceed 15%, where half of their clients also work with one of the three large consulting firms at the same time and who are considered by their clients to be more competent in at least one consulting field than all three "champions", are awarded the title of "Hidden Champion of Consultancy" for a limited period of three years.

Applying? Impossible. A consulting firm cannot apply for the "Hidden Champion" award. The pre-selection is made exclusively on the basis of a proposal by an independent panel of experts from science and practice - and on the basis of empirical preliminary studies by the WGMB. The study is thus based on a consistently interest-independent and scientifically accurate foundation. This is the main reason why the publication of the results regularly receives a lot of attention in the consulting market and in the executive floors of large companies.


WGMB HC 2020 21 Allgemein RGBSince "Hidden Champions of Consultancy" have been awarded, one company has always been at the top of the "Energy Industry" category: The Advisory House. For the fourth time in a row, it is seen by clients in terms of perceived competence ahead of all the big names in the consulting market as well as other consulting firms focusing on the energy industry.

"Getting to the top is one thing, holding this position is another, much more challenging. Therefore we are delighted about the renewed confirmation of our top position in the market. ", says Franz Gologranc, partner and CEO of The Advisory House. "It is our self-imposed mission to convince both our clients and our employees through our attitude and our actions. Thus it is a great honor for us that the "Hidden Champion" study has once again given us the opportunity to receive sound reflection from our clients that they appreciate our combination of professional expertise, innovative solutions and personal approach".

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HiddenChampion 2018

After 2012 and 2015, the "Hidden Champion of Consultancy" study also sees The Advisory House 2018 in the category "energy industry" ahead of the renowned top brands as well as other qualified consultancies specialising in the energy industry.

The consulting firm also convinced in the categories of "industry knowledge" and "cooperation", where it received top 5 rankings in the overall consulting market.

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HiddenChampion 2015

The Advisory House was confirmed for the second time as the "hidden champion" of energy consulting. In addition, The Advisory House was able to position itself as a strong implementation partner in the overall ranking.

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HiddenChampion 2012

The Advisory House was named one of the "Hidden Champions 2012". In the "energy industry" category. The consulting firm prevailed over both the major consultancies and all the other qualified industry specialists and was ranked No. 1.

"We have followed the development and performance of The Advisory House in the past with great interest. Different market players independently recommended to take The Advisory House into consideration. Thus, we are glad that our empirical analysis confirms and emphasizes our market observation ", explains Prof. D. Fink.

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A Hidden Champion…

… must be nominated by a board of experts, consisting of experienced consulting clients and market analysts

… needs to have an independent C-level awareness (including CEOs, Directors and P&L responsible) lower than 15% in big German corporations with a minimum of € 1 Billion in revenues yearly

… must succeed in preliminary investigations, confirming the general potential to be awarded the first rank in the final Hidden Champion study

… needs to be able to name at least 20 contact persons of client companies that are willing to answer questions regarding expertise and performance of the consulting company in written form or personally

… needs to be rated better than McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain in at least one area of expertise; the ranking is carried out by the named contact persons as well as by the study's supervisory board arranged by the "Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung GmbH"

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