Sales and product management


We support you in your efforts to understand your customers even better and to strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.

Our experts are familiar with sales challenges as well as those from preceding and subsequent units, such as EDM, procurement, controlling, product and innovation management, risk management and invoicing.

Benefit from our experience and partnerships in the areas of sales management, data management and data analytics, product development and customer experience management, e.g.:

  • Optimize the alignment of your sales unit, align commodity sales and EDL distribution, and support your employees and customers with digital solutions such as dark / gray processing, platforms and SaaS
  • Develop new products and bring them to market in a timely manner while complying with all approval processes
  • Develop agile new digital products and services with our guide, bring them to market in a timely manner, following all approval processes
  • Make more of the load data and EDM systems in your house, for example, be the energy manager of your customers and take over the energy controlling or reduce the risk between back-to-back procurement and delivery start
  • Harmonize and optimize the processes, the data management and the IT support along the value chain, e.g. use RPA solutions and dashboards

Understanding the customer

  • Advanced analytics helps to cluster customers based on e.g. smart meter data and gain new insights
  • The visualisation and analysis of customer contact points by means of customer journey mapping generates further insights into customer interaction

Setting up the technical framework

  • In order to create a solid foundation, the increasing amount of available data must be supported by a custom-fit IT infrastructure
  • The business units must be equipped with appropriate tools to make the data analysable and interpretable

Continuously improve the product range and the customer experience

  • New products and services can be developed and successfully introduced on the basis of a solid data basis and accompanied by practised innovation and product development processes
  • Successful interaction with the customer along the customer contact points creates a further competitive advantage and sustainably increases customer loyalty
  • Together with our partner hycom, we support our customers in the continuous improvement of customer experience.

Innovation and disruption

Together with our partner IMP, we accompany our customers in developing, implementing and also scaling creative solutions

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