About TAH

The Advisory House started in 2003 with the ambition to serve the European energy industry as a premium provider of advisory services. Since then, our goal has been to consistently deliver excellent results and achieve high customer satisfaction.

With more than 500 successfully completed projects for around 100 clients, we are now the recognised solution partner for the energy industry and other sectors in which complex energy-related tasks arise. The current issues of security of supply, the energy transition and decarbonisation particularly affect energy suppliers, producers and energy-intensive industry.

By winning the “Hidden Champion of Energy Management Consulting” award six times, our clients have confirmed that we meet the premium standard. The DNA of an independent, owner-managed company is a key factor in our success.

“We are full of pride and humility that our customers perceive the quality of our consulting services as top in direct comparison with the “big brands” and have done so for many years now”, says CEO Franz Gologranc.

Marc-Felix Otto, CFO, adds: “Getting to the top is one thing, staying at the top is another, much more difficult. Awards such as “Hidden Champion” are based on our clear conviction that a company does not become a champion through its management, but solely through its employees, who start every day with the aspiration to give the best and to be among the best. Franz and I are aware that we have great colleagues. They are the pillars of this success and they deserve our full appreciation and respect!”.

Our work is based on the values of “excellence”, “commitment to the client” and “empathetic professionalism”. We also stand for these values towards our more than 30 industry-experienced colleagues.

Excellence: Being better than the competition is the basis and prerequisite for our success. We are excellent in what we do and in the way we do it.

Commitment to the client: The focus of our advisory services is our clients. Our clear goal is to continuously deliver relevant value to both our specific client and their business.

Empathic professionalism: We don’t just want to be the best consultant, we also want to be the consultant people enjoy working with. With an authentic appearance, empathy and understanding for our clients’ situation, we strengthen our professionalism, increase motivation in the team and resolve conflicts.

Our central goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations. We always do what is important for the client’s success - and not just what is in the contract. We get things done - without fussing about our performance. We are fair, transparent and act as equals - at all levels.

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