We support you to capture the opportunities from political and technological developments

Well-designed strategies, which are executed properly, generate value. Accelerated technological development and shorter innovation cycles place high demands on strategy development. The right competitive advantages must be developed and used at the right time. The corporate identity must change at an appropriate pace.

The political framework for the energy industry has been extremely dynamic for over 20 years. Our expertise lies, on the one hand, in professionalizing the management of political risks and, on the other hand, in developing competitive advantages in connection with these risks.

We help you to find the optimal mix of innovation and value orientation for your company and to formulate the strategy concisely from the vision to specific measures and make it measurable.

When developing unique business models, you benefit from our extensive business model database and our heat map for digital technologies.

When evaluating acquisition candidates, you benefit from reliable benchmarks, valuation tools, driver-trees, churn- and fundamental models.

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