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🌟 As continuous evolution is part of our company’s DNA, we took the “Great Place to Work” award as motivation to strive for even greater excellence. This accolade is based on a comprehensive analysis, the results of which provide valuable insights into areas for improvement.

Identifying room for improvement in the “Work Environment” category, our management initiated an internal project to optimize the working infrastructure. In two sessions, ideas were first collected from all employees on how to make the work environment more enjoyable for all team members. These ideas were then validated and further developed in newly formed working groups.

🛠️ This has already led to initial renovation measures at several locations – snapshots from the redesign of our Vienna office show that significant strides were taken. Not only was the communal and meeting space enlarged, but new office furniture was also acquired. The technology in the new meeting room was upgraded, a quiet zone for focused work was established, and a phone booth was installed, quickly becoming a popular amenity.

Three aspects of this internal project particularly resonated with our Vienna team:

1️⃣ From collecting improvement suggestions to planning and implementing measures, everything was done with great effort and teamwork.

2️⃣ The entire team pitched in, amplifying the joy over the successful renovation efforts.

3️⃣ Additionally, we were able to do something good by donating old office furniture to charitable causes with the help of the non-profit organization “PCs für Alle” (PCs for Everyone).

As a thank-you for the team’s dedication, our Austrian colleagues celebrated the successful renovations with pizza and beer, taking the opportunity to inaugurate the expanded communal space.

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